Big news, folks.

I’ll cut right to the chase: THW’s moving platforms. I’m in the process of making the new, improved Half-World over on Tumblr.

This is something I’ve been planning for a long time, for a whole lot of reasons, some of which you can read about in the introduction I wrote to the new blog. The basic rundown, though, is that it’s more convenient for me, since Tumblr is my primary blogging platform now and has been for a while, and it also allows me to start fresh with this blog, which is something I’ve been wanting to do for quite some time.

The new blog is still under construction; I’ve moved over “Love Knows No Race” already just to have some content on there, and I’ve written a brief about page, but that’s kinda all there is at present. I’m still playing with the theme and all. And, yeah, there’s stuff I’m gonna miss about WordPress too, but, nostalgia aside, this is something that needed doing.

After I hit publish on this post, I’ll be making most of the old posts on this blog private while I decide whether to move them over or scrap them (I’ve already done this with most of the stuff I intend on scrapping). All the content that I think deserves to be reiterated on the new blog will be, and I’ll be continuing the in-progress review of City of Bones (not sure about whether I’ll be continuing with Dibra).

If anyone’s been wondering about the scarcity of updates over the past few months, the blog move is why. (The reasons I have for wanting to move the blog are also why, but that’s all I feel like saying about that.)

I know some of you are not gonna be too happy about this, but I’m doing what’s right for me and, I think, what’s ultimately right for The Half-World. Conversely, I hope at least a few of you guys are excited about the new blog — I know I am!

Fangz to all of you for reading. Hope to see you over on the new site. Skep out.

14 Responses to “Big news, folks.”

  1. !!!wow that will be really convenient for me since I mainly use tumblr
    i’ll be happy to see you on there!

  2. DaGoffikPrepMegun Says:

    If you scrapped your My Immortal and Forbiden Fruit MSTs, I will hunt you down and I will kill you. Not really, but they gave me yuks! Please tell me they still exist!

  3. Progeny Ex Machina Says:

    Oh, please don’t scrap your old posts! I still read them sometimes for a good, asphyxiating laugh when I’m unhappy.

    • Progeny Ex Machina Says:

      Also, I wish there were some way to transfer the comments on posts and not just the content of the posts, since some of the posts have comments I also enjoy reading. I know that’s not possible, though.

      I can’t say I like tumblr as a platform for this kind of thing, but I can deal with that, as long as you’re fine with me following you on my personal blog that probably isn’t completely PC all the time and is composed of four things: rants about things like child abuse and capitalism, me whining about how my life ~suuucks~ and how I ~haaate~ myself, pictures of stuff like cats and rock formations, and stuff to do with fandoms you probably care nothing for. :P

      Man, this post is badly written. Mine, not yours. It’s 5:41 AM okay

      • I don’t really have a problem with WordPress as a blogging platform except that, well, I don’t use it. Tumblr’s way more convenient for me. We are losing a few things in the move, such as the comments section (personally, I can’t say that I can think of any comments worth saving on this site, including my own), but we’re also gaining some things, like an askbox.

        I don’t really care what blog you follow THW with — I mean, I don’t plan on following back.

      • Progeny Ex Machina Says:

        Fair enough. I’m not upset, just melancholy about the end of an era, I suppose.

      • Understandable. I mean, I’ll miss stuff about the WordPress blog too, but it’s definitely time to move on.

    • I’m scrapping anything I feel deserves to be scrapped and moving over the rest. As the intro post for the new blog says, you probably don’t have to worry about that because all the greatest hits will be moved over (My Immortal, Fifty Shades, Forbiden Fruit, etc.)

  4. Cravats are cool Says:

    Well, so long as you keep the MSTing alive, it doesn’t matter much what platform it’s on. Readers’ll just migrate with you. Hope tumblr serves you well.

    • I can’t promise a lot more MSTing as I’ve mostly split from that as of late in order to focus on published fiction + reviews, but all the greatest hits from the old blog will be moved over to the new one, so you’ll have that at least.

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