Horrible Fanfiction #157: Dibra (part 10), an Invader Zim fanfiction

This chapter was just really boring, guys. I had a hard time slogging through it. Here you go, anyway.

Heads-up for sexual assault in this chapter. It’s fairly mild, but just be warned.

Chapter 1

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OMG OMG OMG! 102 reviews! You guys really wanted your penguin prize, huh?

Well… no, probably not, they probably just read your story and left reviews without paying much mind to your promises of imaginary penguins.

Then again, from what I’ve seen of your reviewers, maybe they really did want imaginary penguins.

Well I had to think very hard about what to give you that was penguin related, and then I remembered that I had a certain person still tied up in my closet…so I give you a choice.

You can either have Gir dressed up like a purple penguin or Jhonen Vasquez dressed like a pink penguin princess ;)

(I made Jhonen Vasquez come out of the closet, so don’t kill me jhonen-crazy-girl…*giggles* come out of the closet. I am such a dork!) :P

Ever wonder why Jhonen Vasquez is sometimes known to make negative comments about his own fanbase?

Well, now you know.

Incidentally, what does a pink penguin princess dress look like?

I will do the reviewer thing at the end of the chapter. So sit back, grab your penguin prize, tease a piranha, and enjoy today’s short chapter.

Another short one? Good.

Chapter 9 – Uh-Oh! part 2

(Dibra’s POV)

I slowly stand up and clutch my bag tightly. Torque looks really pissed off, and I’m worried this may lead to bodily harm…mine!

Okay, so we all know where this is headed. But why? Plotwise, what purpose does this scene serve? Torque Smacky makes kind of a lousy villain; he’s physically threatening, but he’s no match for alien weaponry of the sort Zim has, and we all know Zim’s going to end up defending Dib(ra) here. Incidentally, our protagonist is perfectly capable of going to their dad and getting something with which to defend themself. Setting up Torque as some sort of arch-rival really doesn’t work.

“What do you want, Torque?” I ask calmly, while inside I’m freaking out.

“I want you to be my girl, that’s what I want.” He tells me clenching his fists.

The author has decided to make Torque into a misogynist for, as far as I can discern, no reason at all. Not only is this trope tired as all hell — I mean, I’m pretty sure most Suefics/sex-swap stories involve a sexual assault scene — it’s bad writing, and it’s misogynist in itself because in most cases the female character can’t fight off the threat on her own and has to turn to a male companion or love interest for help.

“Well, I simply must decline your offer. Now if you’ll just let me leave-“

“You’re not leaving.” He cuts me off, as he blocks the exit. “Torque Smacky always gets what he wants, and I want you.”

Ok now I’m freaking out, no exit and a boy who is pissed! This doesn’t look good for me.

Can we get this over with quickly? I really don’t want to read this. It isn’t so much out of discomfort with the material as it is discomfort with the author’s decision to write this scene to begin with.

“Let me leave Torque, you don’t want to do this.” I try to reason with him.

He walks towards me and grabs me by my hips. “Oh trust me, I definitely want this.” He tells me with a predatory look in his eyes.

My bag falls to the floor as I struggle to get free. Torque squeezes me hips hard and I squeak in protest to the harsh treatment.

Again, I have to wonder: why? What’s the point of this scene? Like I said, Torque doesn’t make much of a villain. There are plenty of ways to establish a character as antagonistic without having them sexually assault the protagonist. The fact that this trope basically never come into play unless the protagonist is a cute girl (or looks like one, at least) cements it as problematic.

“Let me go!” I yell at him, as I hit him with my fists.

He merely laughs and mashes our lips together. I struggle harder for a few seconds before I cease moving completely. I just stand there and feel him tighten his grip on my waist.

Torque must have thought that my cease in movement was a sign of surrender because he pulls back and grins at me.

Take the opportunity to knee him in the groin.

I stare starry eyed for a second. “That…was my…first kiss.” I say slowly.

I finally understand what just happened and I’m pissed. “That was my first kiss, you jackass! How dare you just take it!” I scream at him. 

Or, you know, maybe get mad because he grabbed you and did something to you without your consent, not simply because it was your first kiss. This wouldn’t really be any better if you’d been kissed before. But whatever.

I pull my arm back and clench my fist. Pushing all my power into my arm, I swing forward and catch Torque right between the eyes.

I step back quickly as Torque fall forward landing on his face.

“That’s gonna smart when you wake up.” I tell his unconscious body.

Shit, the kid knows how to punch. That is indeed going to smart when he wakes up.

This is better than I anticipated, I have to say. I was fully expecting Zim to show up and rescue Dibra. Where is he, anyway?

I quickly grab my discarded bag and race out of the classroom and right into the arms of a certain green boy.

Oh, there he is.

“Where were you?” Zim asks me. I open my mouth to answer but he cuts me off. “No time, we have one minute before the bell rings.” He tells me quickly.

Can you actually picture Zim saying any of this dialogue? I can’t.

I hear Torque groan inside the abandoned classroom. “We’ll never make it.” I tell Zim.

Zim picks me up bridal style and his spider legs snap out. 

Man, I love that “bride of an arachnid” look. Classic.

“Hang on tight.” Zim tells me before taking off.

I throw my arms around his neck and look behind us. I see Torque stumble out of the classroom, he is clutching his face. He looked in our direction and that was all I saw before Zim turned the corner.

So he wasn’t out for very long. I guess that’s realistic? I don’t have any personal experience with being knocked out (or knocking someone out); I don’t know how long it typically lasts.

We were one corner away from Ms. Bitters room so Zim quickly put me on the floor and retracted his spider legs. 

Oh, like anyone would notice or care if you busted in there with your spider legs, Zim.

Though canon!Zim is paranoid as hell, he can also be careless about this sometimes (such as when he’s preoccupied with running away from someone). I feel like this is an instance in which he’d bust into the classroom, spider legs still out, then sheepishly retract them and try and play it off like nothing happened.

Of course, that’s canon!Zim we’re talking about and not whoever this guy is.

We both broke into a run and dashed into the classroom and sat in our seats just as the bell rang.

Torque stumbled into the room and glared at me murderously. He started charging at me and I couldn’t help but whimper.

“Torque Smacky! You are tardy!” Ms. Bitters yells as she materializes from the shadows. “You are going to the underground classrooms and your parents will be ordered to love you less!”

Borrowing dialogue for ol’ Bitters again, cool.

The floor beneath Torque gives away and he falls through the floor. 

Man, I dunno why the “underground classroom” joke was such a huge hit with the fandom. It was pretty good, yeah, but is it really deserving of this many reiterations in fanfic?

I breathe a sigh of relief and smile over at Zim.

“You owe me an explanation.” He mouths silently at me. I nod and turn my attention to my scary teacher that probably just saved my life.

The chapter’s over. That probably just saved my life, too.

Another short chapter and I’m sure you all hate me now. 

Writing a sexual assault scene for no reason doesn’t generally win you any points, author.

Don’t worry, Torque Smacky isn’t done here. I have a horrible doom planned for him 3:)

Why would you make Torque Smacky a bad guy? No, really, why? He’s no more of a bully than anyone else in Zim’s class, and he’s given a sympathetic portrayal in at least two episodes that I can think of. What about him inspires such hatred?

It is a very big deal to be late for class in my world. Your punishment is the underground classrooms, which I will write about…at some point :P

Come to think of it, as much as I’ve seen the underground classroom joke reused in Zimfics, I’ve never seen anyone go into detail as to what it actually is.

Is this author going to try to rectify that? Because, if so, I don’t know how to feel.

Lilykinz200 – I love spoiling my readers, it means you come back for more. Or do you all come back because I am too awesome and random to abandon? *giggles* random and abandon…they rhyme :P

All you need to know about reviewerLilykinz200 is that they were one of the “I don’t like ZaDR except when Dib is a girl” reviewers.

Daisy’sDeadRose – I hate cliff hangers too, it was horrid for me to write. But if I hadn’t, this chapter would have gone on forever. Although I doubt you all would have minded ;)

This reviewer expressed a dislike for cliffhangers.

Also, author, c’mon, they’re fun! You get to leave your readers in suspense! Not that your story actually has any of that, but y’know.

crazyone256 – are you pleased with your penguin prize? and I like waffles too, but not the kind with soap :P

I’m not even bothering to look up what this person was talking about.

Sydney – I’m glad you’re pleased. Your blonde kitten is pleased herself, never thought I’d make it this far :D

Blonde kitten?

I don’t know if I want to know.

– I love hearing things! Especially if they are praises :D (Why didn’t come up at the beginning of my sentence? Computers are so weird [O_o]

What’s she even on about now?

Ican’tThinkOfAWittyNickname – I gets a cookie? …thank you…I..I love you ;’)

Demented llama – firstly..I just love your login! Its so cute! :P
and secondly. Torque no get rapey with the Dibra…but he shall return and I doubt I will be as generous…jk Dibra will not be raped, harmed mentaly…maybe :)

He already got “rapey” with the Dibra, if we’re taking “rapey” to mean “did sexual things to them without their consent.”

Also, I wouldn’t consider “Demented llama” to be a cute username, but to each their own, I guess.

Manel – Thank you for my 100th review! I love you so so so much! You make me a very happy author! :D

Next chapter will take awhile, I need to write more or I will be all caught up and that’s no fun. I will write faster if you all torure a Torque Smacky doll. Because Torque is lame…and I really hate him…please review …I want a penguin…ok I’m done now :D

Readers who are fellow Zim fans — do any of you hate Torque Smacky? Can you think of any reasons to hate Torque Smacky, apart from him being a bully since that would apply to every skoolchild in IZ? I’m honestly befuddled.

16 Responses to “Horrible Fanfiction #157: Dibra (part 10), an Invader Zim fanfiction”

  1. Whole L33t Bread Says:

    (Fellow Invader Zim fan here.) I think most of the ‘weeabo-esque’ members of the Invader Zim hate Torque Smacky not for what he’s done canonically, but for what he represents to them. Most adolescents going through their obbsessive phases tend to fall to the lower end of the classroom hierarchy and/or become despised by their peers, which makes them an easy target for bullying. While Torque has never bullyed any character in canon, he does have the physque of one who COULD hurt some of the weaker charcters, and I think these kids might be projecting some of their own fears of being hurt onto this character, which is what makes him such a easy target for Fanfiction writers. That’s simply my two cents on the matter.

    • I’m pretty sure Torque’s picked on Dib and Zim in canon, but no more than the other kids do. Think you may be right about his somewhat brutish appearance being a factor.

      • Whole L33t Bread Says:

        Yes, well, I was simply basing this on things I’ve seen happen in other fandoms. Most of the time, the stringest charcters are villanized for absolutely no reason…

  2. Inbar Ink Says:

    Fucking knew there was going to be an attempted rape\sexual assault in that chapter. I fucking called it.

    Also, what kind of person, when kissed by someone they hate against their will – will first go starry-eyed about the fact that it was their First Kiss, and only then start getting mad about the, y’know, assault thing?

    • I was hoping “starry eyed” was just a poor word choice on the author’s part and what she really meant was that Dibra was stunned briefly, but maybe that was just wishful thinking.

  3. Jaywings Says:

    I have no idea what she’s got against Torque. I don’t even really see him as a bully- he was pretty tolerant of Dib in Dark Harvest and as far as I recall he never DID anything that would be considered bullying. I mean he started chasing after Zim in 10 Minutes to Doom, but that’s because Dib told him that Zim called him a “dookie-weenie.”

    • Yeah, “Dark Harvest” was one of the two episodes I could think of where Torque got a sympathetic portrayal. I’m pretty sure he’s picked on Zim and Dib in at least a couple episodes, but, then again, everyone picks on Zim and Dib.

  4. I don’t hate Torque. He’s… Okay…

    Honestly, to me it would make more sense for Chunk to be in Torque’s role. If only because he was a bully to Dib and Zim.

    Though I do not want any sexual assault whatsoever in Zim. It just… Doesn’t go well together… At all…

  5. Wow this chapter was boring but it shouldn’t be I have seen and good fanfics that chapters that just let their characters breath and just let you breath from action, tension and drama but still have a propose in the plot.

  6. GamerGirl140 Says:

    I get the feeling that Torque is made into a bully because he kind of has the appearance of the typical bully character. Just a feeling anyway. Though I don’t really hate him, he was just ‘there’ to me.

  7. dragonkeeper19600 Says:

    Heck, Torque isn’t even a bully, not really. He’s just kind of… you know… there. I think Invader ZIM fans watch the show, form a misremembered idea of what a character is like and then hate that. It’s like they enter a haze-like trance when watching the show and only come out with vague, stupid impressions.

    I’m pretty sure the “first kiss” thing is an anime trope. Like, in Japan, your first kiss is super important because it’s your first intro into your sexuality. Or something. Still, having Dibra be worried about it here is super weird, and its inclusion leads me to believe this author is a big anime-viewer.

    Great MST, as always!

    • I may be misremembering, but I’m pretty sure Torque has bullied Zim and Dib on at least a few occasions — then again, so has basically every kid in Zim and Dib’s class.

      The “first kiss” thing — well, some people do make a big deal out of their first kiss. It never seemed like something worth worrying about for me, but it’s definitely not a priority in a situation like this — Dibra should have been worrying about their safety first and foremost, so it seemed kind of weird. Not necessarily unrealistic, though.

      • dragonkeeper19600 Says:

        Well, he wanted to beat up ZIM in “Ten Minutes to Doom,” but that was because he thought ZIM called him a mean name. Torque’s catchphrase seems to be “So?” because whenever Dib talks to him, that’s what he responds with. Not exactly the best conversationist, but not really a bully, per se.

        I guess he was in a few group shots where he laughed at Dib or ZIM, but again, those were group shots with several other kids. It would make way more sense for Chunk or Sara to be the bully.

        Or, even better, how about just not have a bully character at all, since it’s cliche and the entire human race is kind of awful anyway. That’s kind of the point of the show or something.

        In fact, maybe just don’t write this story at all.

  8. Waffle2789 Says:

    Believe it or not, Soapy Waffles is a GOOD thing. I’ve known about it for quite some time.
    They’re basically a group of people who are working on completing the uncompleted episodes of Invader Zim. IDK how it works—apparently they’re taking the discarded concept arts and recorded lines and making things out of them—but it’s really cool.
    I really recommend you check them out.
    …Wait, why does the author NOT like Soapy Waffles? Do they not want new episodes to come out? I really hope they’re referencing a quote or something.

    • Yeah, I know about Soapy Waffles — I don’t believe the author was referencing them, though. I think she was referencing “Gir Eats Waffles.”

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