Horrible Fanfiction #151: Dibra (part 4), an Invader Zim fanfic

This is a brief and relatively pointless chapter, but I think it serves to nicely illustrate one of the major reasons this fic is HFF-worthy. Mainly, genderbent!Dib is essentially just a Mary Sue who happens to be related to Gaz.

Chapter 1

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Hey readers, I got home from school and was mega bored…so here we are :)

dudeguy – I honestly don’t know if I can limit the cursing, I just write whatever my fingers type up. I can try but thats all I can do, I hang around people who curse so I pick up the nasty habit. Sorry :(

Commenter dudeguy asked “anyways, do you think you could trim the cussing just a little bit?” Probably doable. I only remember one instance of naughty language in the last chapter.

I believe this proves that the author doesn’t proofread, though.

Sassy girl – Zim is coming up after this chapter…I think. I don’t remember, its either the next one or the one after.

Commenter Sassy girl said she wasn’t a fan of ZaDR but was going to make an exception for this story because she found it funny, and asked if there’ll be anything from Zim’s POV. Just so y’all know.

So here’s the newest chapter of Dibra. ENJOY!

I doubt I will, but here’s your chance to prove me wrong, author!

Chapter 3 – New Look

(Gaz’s POV)

Ok, I must admit I was kinda hoping that dad’s stupid machine would have dressed Dib…ra in clothes to match his…I mean her personality.

Instead I was surprised to see my big…sister…walk out of the machine looking totally different than even I would have imagined.

Wait, so the machine automatically dresses somebody? Based on their personality?

That’s… actually pretty neat. Get me one.

“What?” she asks me noticing me staring at her.

I press a big purple button and a panel opens and displays a full body sized mirror, holding it in front of Dibra.

I swear 90% of this story is Dib staring in a mirror.

(Dib’s POV again)

I look into the mirror that was pulled and held out in front of me. I gasp and bring a hand to my mouth in a pathetic attempt to hide it.

I seriously look….HOT!

Of course! Because being genderbent will automatically make you hotter! That makes logical sense!

My black bangs are being held back by a dark blue headband with a silver skull attached the right. 

Does he still have pointy hair? If he doesn’t I’ll be disappointed.

My ears have been fucking PIERCED! TWICE! The bottom ones has a plain silver hoops, and the top ones have plain silver balls in them. Around my neck is a black ribbon that runs through a skull charm.

This isn’t genderbending. This is Suebending.

My shirt is a dark blue shirt that hangs off my shoulders, it has a silver indifferent face on it and black lace running crisscrossed up the sides. The shirt cuts off a little bit above my jean line so if I stretch my arms, you’ll get a view of my bellybutton. I have on dark skinny jeans that hug my body and show off my curves, they are so dark they are almost black.

Last time Dib looked in the mirror, he referred to himself as “the girl in the mirror”, basically. Third-person pronouns. This time he’s using first-person.

Maybe this reflects that he’s getting used to being female-bodied, but I tend to think the author didn’t do this on purpose.

My shoes are punk rock army boots with dark blue laces. 

Yeah, when I think of Dib I think of punk rock.

I also still have my trade mark trench coat, but its been fixed up and looks new. It’s a good thing to, it had so many rips and tears from the fights Zim and I would have.

Mhmm. Fights. Yeah, I bet that was what you and Zim were doing.

(What? This actually is a ZaDR fic. I can make that joke.)

I turn to get a look at my backside, and I must say, I do look really good. If I wasn’t me, I would totally date me…awkward…

Not awkward. Convenient! You already know you’d say yes to that date.

“Are you done being vain or are you going to make me late for skool?” Gaz growls as she appears in the mirror behind me.

Why can’t Gaz walk to skool on her own?

I flinch, despite the fact I have a new body, she still scares me.

Why would your new body make her less scary? What?

“I just need to grab my bag, then we can go.” I say.

She holds up my black messenger bag and tosses it to me. “Get your ass outside, you may be a girl but I will still destroy you.” She orders pointing to the door.

I gulp and run for the stairs like my life depends on it, and it does. I dart through the living room and out of the door, where I almost collide into Gaz.

“How do you do that?” I shriek in my new girly voice.

Staff entrance.

She widens one eye at me. “Do you really want to know?” she asks me.

I consider it for a second and shudder. “N-no, k-keep it t-to yourself.”

She chuckles and pulls out her newest gaming device. “That’s what I thought.” She chuckles at me as she begins walking in direction of the skool.

Being awfully redundant today, aren’t we, Gaz?

Reluctantly, I follow her. I can’t help but wonder what else could go wrong today. I also wonder how the hell I’m going to explain my new body to the skool…and dad…

Tell your teachers at Skool you’re a new kid/visiting student. Dib’s cousin, you could say, if anybody points out the resemblance. Nobody would suspect you of being Dib in that getup, especially now that you don’t even wear glasses. Given how much your dad pays attention to you, you could probably feed him the same story.

“Crap, can this day get any worse?” I ask out loud.

Now you’re just asking for it, kid.

I may or may not post the next chapter later tonight, whatever keeps me from having to do the homework I need to catch up on. :P

So yeah, thats all I have to say today.

That was a short chapter! Thank you, author.

Review, reviews are what keep me from being tickled by a zebra panda who wants my muffin. Please don’t let him get my muffins! O_o

Please stop.

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13 Responses to “Horrible Fanfiction #151: Dibra (part 4), an Invader Zim fanfic”

  1. “Dibra’s” outfit is ridiculous. Would it really hurt the story that much to make Dib wear normal, non-punk clothes? Like, what does that add? Besides pleasing the author.

  2. I’ve never seen Invader Zim, so forgive me if this is a dumb question, but skool? Not school? Is that our idiotic author’s doing? If so, why haven’t you called her out? Or is it a thing in the zimverse?

  3. asbusinessmagnet Says:

    I love your Invader Zim MSTs. They’re not packed with jokes, so they’re “meh” – but then they’re the kind of “meh” that keeps one reading until the end.

    Oh, and gee, how many comments I wrote and you didn’t approve?

  4. I couldn’t help but laugh at the “staff entrance” reference. Also, I’m /pretty sure/ this author has no clue as to what a true genderbent character is. This is so bad that I don’t even picture someone who’s in the IZ ‘verse when I read this, let alone Dib- Oh, “Dibra”, sorry.

    And that last line… made me cringe.

    Keep up the great work as always, Skep!

  5. I can’t resist a Silence of the Lambs reference for the “Dib(ra) oggles herself”:

    Dibra: Would you F*** me? I’d F*** me…”

  6. randomportalfan Says:

    And there was Dibra, looking extremely fucking hot XD.

  7. I’m not sure if Dibra’s outfit is so weird I want to see art of it out of cautious curiosity to see what it would look like, or if the image of sexbended Dib would be brain killingly bad

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