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Horrible Fanfiction #149: Dibra (part 2), an Invader Zim fanfic

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As a couple of you pointed out, the first chapter of this fic is pretty tame for HFF. Don’t worry; here is where the story takes a dive into the deep end of the Stupid Pool.

By the way, the author is rewriting this fic. I’ve only glanced at the rewritten version; it’s better-written, but I’m not sure how much it ultimately differs from/improves on this version. Maybe I’ll do a review of it once I’m done MSTing this.

Anyways, onward.

Chapter 1

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Horrible Fanfiction #148: Dibra, an Invader Zim fanfic

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I hope you’ve all enjoyed the badfic hiatus, because HFF is back with a vengeance, baby. This time, we’re returning to the Invader Zim fandom, and taking on a fic that contains both genderbending and ZaDR.

Most of the time I don’t read ahead with HFFs, but I should mention that several months ago (in March) I read a few chapters of this fic, and it made me very angry.

This fic was brought to my attention by a THW reader on this blog’s Facebook group. I’m not sure if she’s comfortable with me using her name here, so I’m just gonna call her “a THW reader”. Anyways, thank you, THW reader, for sending me this story. Also, a curse upon you and your descendants for sending me this story.

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Book Review: Fifty Shades of Grey (part 21)

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I was gonna make a post telling you guys I was back from vacation, but then I remembered that I neglected to make a post telling you guys I was leaving for vacation. Well, I was gone, now I am back, have more Fifty Shades.

Chapter 1

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